Why Choose Us


GetStored with Atlas® brings you 70+ years of moving and storage expertise paired with modern technology, best prices and uncompromised service.

A brand you can trust

The Atlas brand is best known for their trusted moving services and has been helping the world move since 1948. Now entering a new era, Atlas has partnered with GetStored to expand into the consumer storage space.  With state of the art, safe and secure storage warehouses all over the country, Atlas is here to service all your storage needs

Technology to serve you

GetStored is founded by a team of industry veterans, technology wizards and design experts.  Bringing you the most advanced storage experience and technology to simply all your storage needs.  GetStored will provide you with a virtual inventory audit of all your stored items – delivered digitally so you have a record of all of your stored items. GetStored is here to provide with all the storage information you need to make the best choice.  With exceptional 24/7 customer service, we have a team of reps ready to guide you through every step. And with unbeatable prices, your storage choice is clear.

The best of both worlds

GetStored with Atlas is proud to partner to bring together one of the most iconic brands in the moving (and storage) industry coupled with a modern technology company bringing a unique approach to an age old need.  We are here 24/7 to answer any question you may have about your storage needs.  When you choose GetStored with Atlas you are choosing the best prices, the most secure storage facilities and the best customer service that delivers to you peace of mind.

What our clients say

GetStored was the best moving experience I’ve ever had. The team was on-time, I received 2 calls during the move to make sure I was happy with how it was going, and the professionalism was unparalleled. Every detail was looked after. If you’re moving and require short-term or long-term storage, GetStored should be your first and only call. Thank you again!

The Berman’s, New York City

GetStored thank you for all of your support taking care of all of the details. Everyone on the staff did an amazing job. We really appreciate all you have done.

The Carmichael’s, Scottsdale, AZ

Wow we couldn't love your company more! Thank you again for all your help. We were flabbergasted at the speed they moved our possessions into our new home. Your people were incredibly polite and very helpful. They were efficient yet never lost the gentleness with which they handled every box or piece of furniture as if it were their own. I was so impressed! The crew that packed us up did a fantastic job. To just say "thank you" seems so small compared to the incredible service we received; we will certainly recommend your honest and trustworthy services to anyone.

The Mahan’s, Southern California