To calculate / confirm the volume of your possessions, we will send you a text message link for you to download an app for either your smart phone or tablet. From there you can perform a video at your own time and pace of the items to be stored or alternatively we can schedule time for one of our consultants to walk you through the process so that we know exactly what will be stored. The video process typically takes less than 10 minutes.

Our GetStored team will then upload your personalised inventory to your secure on-line portal for future reference. With that inventory created, we will also confirm or update the quote as needed to ensure you have the right amount of space at the best price.

Your personalised inventory also includes an indicative valuation for each item which can be useful when estimating the total valuation for your Protection Plan should you wish to take that option.

Why choose us

We beat the competition, hands down

See why GetStored is the clear choice for all your storage needs

All prices guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months

Professional loading & transportation

Full service packing option

State of the art security storage facilities

Virtual inventory of your stored items

Delivery on demand

Storage guide

These essential pro tips are a must read!


Label Your Boxes! It seems, obvious right… Makes it much easier to find what you are looking for in the future!



Keep it under 45lbs! Don’t break your back 🙂 Put the heaviest stuff at the bottom, and the lightest at the top.



Pack by Room! Start with two boxes a day in one room. Pack so it makes sense.



Pack plates upright! Stack plates vertically (after wrapping them in packing paper) like in the dishwasher, and they are less likely to break. Trust us, we have been packing for 150+ years



Prevent mold and mildew! Make sure your appliances are completely drained of water and dry from any moisture.



Double check for hazardous items! We do not allow the storage of flammable liquids or gas cylinders and our certified professionals will not take those items, so check your grilling equipment, camping gear, and drain all motorized tools of gas.