Do I Need Storage Protection?

As professionals who have helped millions of families, we know that furniture, electronics, and other household items were never meant to be mobile. As a financial steward and as an extension of your home we would encourage you to consider our storage protection.

Why GetStored Protection

Neither homeowners nor renter’s insurance will typically cover your belongings outside your home.

Our coverage has been created specifically to protect against the unique risks associated with the transport and storage of your possessions including accidental breakage. We protect you from the time our team enters your home until everything is safely delivered back to you all under once policy. GetStored’s Protection is underwritten by AXA, who is among the world’s 50 largest companies and is the global leader in insurance products with coverage over more than $100 billion in assets. You can be assured that whether your goods are worth one hundred dollars or one million, we have you covered.

How Much Does It Cost? –

Full replacement coverage means if anything is broken, GetStored will fix or replace it. If the moving truck is involved in an accident for example and the entire shipment is destroyed, GetStored provides brand new replacements for all your items.

Typical valuations follow:

Storage SizeCoverageMonthly Charge
5’ x 10’ (1 Bedroom)$10,000$30
10’ x 10’ (2 Bedrooms)$20,000$60
10’ x 15’ (3 Bedrooms)$30,000$90
10’ x 20’ (4 Bedrooms)$40,000$120
10’ x 25’ (5 Bedrooms)$50,000$150
10’ x 30’ (6 Bedrooms)$60,000$180

Regardless of coverage amount, all policies come with a $150 deductable.