Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions such as how do I calculate my storage volume but remember that our team is always on hand to respond to any queries you may have.

As professionals who have helped millions of families, we know that furniture, electronics, and other household items were never meant to be mobile. As a financial steward and as an extension of your home we would encourage you to consider our storage protection.

Why GetStored Protection

Neither homeowners nor renter’s insurance will typically cover your belongings outside your home.

Our coverage has been created specifically to protect against the unique risks associated with the transport and storage of your possessions including accidental breakage. We protect you from the time our team enters your home until everything is safely delivered back to you all under once policy. GetStored’s Protection is underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's.

How Much Does It Cost? -

Full replacement coverage means if anything is broken, GetStored will fix or replace it. If the moving truck is involved in an accident for example and the entire shipment is destroyed, GetStored provides brand new replacements for all your items.

Typical valuations follow:

Storage SizeCoverageMonthly Charge
1.5m x 1.5m (Large Closet)$10,000$30
1.5m  x 3m (1 Bedrooms)$20,000$60
3m x 3m (3 Bedrooms)$30,000$90
3m x 4.5m (3 Bedrooms)$50,000$150
3m x 6m  (4 Bedrooms)$70,000$210
3m x 9m (5 Bedrooms)$90,000$270

Regardless of coverage amount, all policies come with a $150 deductable.

If you have decided to take on the packing, firstly plan to use only moving quality supplies. Your possessions were not be designed to be moved, so give them all the protection they can get with the right materials.

Avoid overloading. Pack boxes to 45 pounds (20kg) maximum for easy lifting.

Use the right carton. Pack lighter items in bigger moving boxes and heavier items in smaller cartons.

Distribute weight. Pack heavy items on the bottom of the carton and lighter items on top.

Label everything. Always label moving boxes with its contents, rather than just the room in which it belongs. This will also assist if you want us to deliver a few things but not everything out of storage.

Fill empty space. Avoid crushing and limit movement by using fabric, tea towels, clothing, paper, or bubble wrap to completely fill moving cartons.

Pack plates upright. Stack plates vertically (after wrapping them in packing paper) like in the dishwasher, and they are less likely to break. Trust us, we have been packing for 150+ years.

Take a picture. Before dismantling any computer equipment or electronics, photograph the cords and connections to help you remember where all the wires go.

Maximize space. Vacuum sealed bags are a great way to efficiently store things like duvets, winter clothes, blankets, and pillows.

Don’t risk spills. Drain garden hoses and tighten the lids on all jars or bottles in the pantry before packing.

Prevent mould and mildew. Make sure your appliances are completely drained of water and dry from any moisture.

Double check for hazardous items. We do not allow the storage of flammable liquids or gas cylinders and our certified professionals will not take those items, so check your grilling equipment, camping gear, and drain all motorized tools of gas.

In self-storage, you do not know what the person next door has on the other side of the thin metal wall of your unit. To protect our team members and ultimately your possessions whilst in our care we enforce strict policies refusing to store any hazardous, combustible, and toxic materials including the following. Pro tip - if it is pressurized, toxic, flammable, or illegal, we cannot store it.






Biological waste


Car and household batteries

Charcoal charcoal lighters, and lighter fluid

Chemistry set





Lamp and motor oil


Medical supplies

Nail polish and nail polish remover

Paint and paint thinners Pesticides

Petrol, gasoline, and diesel


Pool chemicals

Propane tanks


Scuba tanks

Weed killer



Fire extinguishers


Furthermore, additional items that we do not store include:

Valuable, rare, and collectors’ items – Coin collections, crystal, figurines, furs, oriental rugs, jewellery, and loose precious stones or gems.

Weapons – Antique firearms, bayonets, cleaving weapons, guns, knives and daggers, swords and blades.

Sensitive and private information – Address books, airline tickets, keys, car titles, cash, certificates of deposit(s), check books, collections (coins, stamps, etc.), financial documents, insurance policies, IRAs/deeds/tax records, medical and dental records, medicine, passports and travel documents, professional files, research projects, school records, and stocks or bonds. Pro Tip: we recommend not storing these items, as you may need immediate access to them.


Whether you wish to add additional items or have some items delivered, we can adjust to meet your needs. No more moving all your items to a bigger or smaller unit when your storage needs change.

We have a three-month minimum, and there is no maximum stay.

We will deliver any or all your stored items whenever you would like. If you want the Christmas decorations on the day after Thanksgiving and put back into storage after the new year, we do that. If you want the patio furniture when it warms up and back in storage when it cools off, we do that. If you want all your items removed from storage, we will deliver anywhere in the world at a competitive rate using our professionally trained and certified team. We just need 72 hours notice for your delivery.

You can also access your storage by scheduling a time with us and we'll have one of our team members assist you accordingly.

What our clients say

GetStored was the best moving experience I’ve ever had. The team was on-time, I received 2 calls during the move to make sure I was happy with how it was going, and the professionalism was unparalleled. Every detail was looked after. If you’re moving and require short-term or long-term storage, GetStored should be your first and only call. Thank you again!

The Berman’s

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to Chess for helping me move stress-free and easily. As usual, it went without a hitch and everyone has been fabulous to deal with.

Ruth Rosedale

GetStored thank you for all of your support taking care of all of the details. Everyone on the staff did an amazing job. We really appreciate all you have done.

The Carmichael’s

Thanks again for a great job and feel free to use me as a reference whenever you need to. I have very high standards and you and your team at Chess surpassed then.

Steve Shipley

A big thankyou to Chess Moving; everything in perfect condition, not one breakage. I really appreciate the help put in by you and the packaging team at Chess Moving. You are really professional and kind people.

Mirella Dalais